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Missguided – A Culinary Tour of Vietnam

Eating your way through Vietnam!

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Traveling can be a roller coaster of highs and lows. There is the pre-flight high of booking the flights, researching and studying the latest hot spots and last minute packing (because no one has time to pre-pack!). This is followed by the lows of compulsory queuing to collect boarding passes, bags and bodies scans, getting your passport stamped and praying the flight over is comfortable with bearable neighbors. Upon arriving at the destination, it’s all go-go-go as you collect bags, find a driver, experience ‘local’ traffic jams, checking-in as the excitement of exploring commences.

With all the madness and excitement to maximise the limited time in a particular country you might stop at one point and crave the best food available. Maybe you’re trying to recall the time your work colleague told you where to find the best Banh Mi, or where to find the best Pho from a certain street vendor.

There is one tour providing an experience of the best of Vietnam’s cuisine. A collaboration from MissChu and Travelcall provides a unique tour that is sure to tantalise the taste buds: Missguided– A Culinary Tour of Vietnam.

The 12 day trip includes ten nights in luxury hotels and one night in a luxury junk boat whilst soaking in the rich culture and history of Vietnam, and as expected, the experience is complemented with some phenomenal dining experiences.

Highlights of this tour include:

  • Starting in Hanoi, where you will be taken around on a food tour by American Chef, author and tour guide Daniel Hoyer to  experience the culture of the markets
  • Following the footsteps of the Trnan nano, who navigated the kilometers of limestone to defeat attacks by Monguls on Vietnam
  • Cooking classes with Due Tram in his decade old Mango Rooms restaurant, including rising up early to select ingredients from the markets (experience the diverse offerings at the fish markets) and learn some of Due’s signature dishes
  • Visiting the Non Nuoc beach and the Cham Museum that holds one of the finest collections of Cham stone sculptures and afterwards indulge in special lunch at the Garden House of Y Thoa with a picturesque green garden
  • Experiencing the thrill of Ho Chi Minh City via vintage Vespa tour with stops include taking part of the congregation of locals at a local eatery and stopping by a traditional Vietnamese style coffee shop
  • Climb through the tunnel networks of Cu Chi Tunnels constructed by the Viet Cong
  • Cycle through the nature rich villages, canals and pass-by emerald green rice fields that makes up the Mekong Delta; considered one of the great ecological wonders of the world.

Missguided – A Culinary Tour of Vietnam aims to provide the best of Vietnamese cuisine on the table. The 12 day tour has been given the stamp of approval by MissChu; so if you craving the food delight of Vietnam, this tour could be right up your alley.

The important stuff

2014 /2015 season
22 November – 03 December 2014
21 March – 01 April 2015
21 November – 02 December 2015

Tour Price:  $4,635.00 AUD per person
(This includes accommodation and all internal travel)

The tour is aimed at small groups with a maximum of 18 people. All accommodation is a minimum of 4.5 stars with highlight stays at the Sofitel Metropole in Hanoi and La Residence in Hue.

Meals include – breakfast daily, seven lunches and four dinners throughout the 12 day tour.

For more information about the tour can be found here and bookings can be made here.

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