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Invite Mr Earl in for a cuppa

Miss Helena Michalak receives a wholesome tea package to test ride

Words and photography by: Helena Michalak

“Mr Earl believes that life’s too short for average tea.” As an avid hot beverage drinker, I can completely agree with this statement. I drink at least two hot beverages a day. Yep, even in summer. So I was stoked when this pretty box and packaging arrived in my mailbox.

Mr Earl is a premium tea subscription service and each month you’ll receive three premium teas delivered to your door. Each box contains approximately 50g of loose leaf tea, hand selected from the finest specialty tea brands in Australia and New Zealand. An info card will explain exactly what you’re drinking, their origins and precise brewing instructions for the perfect cup.

I received French Earl Grey, Fresh Mint and Matcha (green tea powder). I got my housemates involved in the tea tasting while we were glued to the Australian Open last week. Here’s our tasting notes:

French Earl Grey
Great depth of flavour with a vanilla scent, or in A’s words: “perfumes of vanilla”. It was “pleasant to the nose” and J thought it was one of the rare teas she could drink without milk. I’m a recent convert to Earl Grey, and French Earl Grey is a lovely toned down version of Earl Grey. In fact I think I might make myself a cup of it now! Definitely my favourite.

Fresh Mint
We weren’t as keen on the Fresh Mint. We were divided about both the smell and the taste. J and I are big fans of Peppermint Tea and we loved the smell, but not so fond of the taste. It was very earthy and you could really taste and smell the lavender.

I’m not fond of matcha as a drink, but I love to use it in baking, so while I won’t be drinking the rest of it, it will make for some yummy cupcakes!

I love the idea behind Mr Earl and have bought a similar subscription (but for coffee) for friends before, but I think it’s a bit on the expensive side for a self gift. It’s a great present idea for the tea lover in your life though! Who doesn’t love a gift that keeps on giving every month?

Mr Earl is $20 for one month, $45 for three months and $78 for six months.

More information about Mr Earl tea service can be found here.

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