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Munich Brauhaus has its first year birthday party

It was only this time last year that South Wharf had started to show real promise. Not only new bars and restaurants were emerging from the once vacant precinct, but out of nowhere, it was been widely publicised that the remaining wharf sheds had been all snapped up. But who could have acquired this last (and large) piece? And more importantly, would the gamble pay off?

With a hot rumour that Melbourne will be host to a permanent and authentic Bavarian beer hall, Munich Brauhaus was born. It has now been a year and boy has it gone gang busters. With a strong work crowd and weekender spot offering a fantastic dining and drinking hall, Munich Brauhaus has been the ideal spot to get a German festive fix.

To celebrate the one year mark, Munich Brauhaus had a little celebration on a boat.

Be sure to check out what’s happening at Munich Brauhaus, including the exciting Oktoberfest Season! For more information click here.

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