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NEFF Market Kitchen opens its doors and inspires Melbourne

A couple of Friday’s ago the refurbished and rebranded NEFF Market Kitchen at South Melbourne Markets opened its doors, offering up exciting and inspiring cooking classes by some of Melbourne’s best chefs. These classes are regarded amongst the best in Melbourne and are available for intimate groups of twelve, running multiple times a week. Guest chefs taking the reins in the kitchen include Jesse Gerner (Bomba, Anada, Green Park), Tony Twitchett (Taxi Kitchen) and Adam D’Sylva (Coda, Tonka) just to name a few (and believe us – there is a FULL star-studded line up).

It was a freezing cold night when I entered the fog covered doors of the NEFF Kitchen Market on the Cecil Street side of the South Melbourne Markets. Entering through the doors, I was immediately impressed with the setup – the kitchen was a beautiful light-wood coloured with top-end appliances provided by NEFF, a leading appliance brand in Germany. The dining table was front and centre with a TV screen that projected a birds-eye view of the chef’s table. Luke Croston (Hellenic Republic, Gazi, Jimmy Grants, Press Club) already had things in the bake ready for a ‘here’s something I prepared earlier’ moment as part of the vegetarian modern-Greek extravaganza to come.

We started the night with a simple naan like bread that is made in the pan, drizzled with a black garlic sauce and pickles, and as the night progressed we increasingly had more and more fun. Attendees had the opportunity to ask questions about the method, the storage and the chef. We got to touch, smell and poke the more unusual ingredients, enhancing our learning experience and appreciation for mothernature. Most ingredients were sourced from the South Melbourne Market and the different meals ranged from a few steps (and quite simple) to many steps without needing to be a Masterchef. Our food for the night was designed to be replicated at home with different ingredients imperfectly chopped and torn, with only one recipe requiring a special tool (a thermomix).

We were full upon exit and had the recipes to take home and try ourselves. The NEFF kitchen run many events across the week, with the full line up of chef’s attached for your foodie pleasure. More information can be found here.

The Modern Connoisseur was invited as a guest to experience a Masterclass with Luke Croston. The write up is true and fair to the writers experience.

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