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Coffee: Di Bella

Bread is the one staple food that we all relate to. Tracing back from 30,000 years ago, both rich and poor of all cultures and races have been consuming and embracing this delight. Variations and innovations into this industry have altered the way we see bread and patisseries today. With the current brunching boom in Melbourne, cafés are aiming for quality to attract the brunchgoer. This goes right down to the bread they source. Long gone are the days where bread was supplied by Tip Top. Now it’s typical to see various specialty bakeries providing their products to cafés far and wide. On our brunching adventures we have noted on a number of occasions that the bread was sourced from Noisette. With a reputation so big, we had to go to the source and suss it out.

We arrived at Noisette and the interior was simply grand. Pops of yellow, a warm paint-job, bright lights and gorgeous chandeliers created the perfect showcase for the various sweet and savory cakes on offer. Miss SL bounced around in delight looking indecisively at what to order and we settled on two small items – a Custard beignet [$3.20] and an Almond croissant [$4]. We’d decided to skip coffee as neither of us were in the mood.

Our dishes were quickly plated and served and we split our little afternoon delights in half. First up was the croissant. The pastry was soft, buttery and very sweet with almond essence on the inside. The almonds on the outside of the pastry were crunchy, creating great texture within this lovely snack. Our almond croissant would have been perfectly accompanied with a good cup of coffee.

Almond Croissant

Next up was the beignet. Goodness us! This little treat was a surprisingly delicious treat. It had a soft, doughy exterior and a creamy rich custard filling. Half a beignet was enough for Miss SL, whereas Mr LB could have gone an entire one on his own.

Custard Beignet

There are bakeries and then there are bakeries! We can see why a number of cafes outsource their bread and delightful brunch desserts from Noisette. There is lots of love and care taken to produce their goods, delivering a high quality taste. We must note that after visiting Noisette, Mr LB has been back regularly for his own private pleasure – he believes their sourdough loaves are possibly one of the best sourdoughs going around Melbourne (coming close with Movida Bakery). Whether you crave something sweet or wanting to lift the quality of your lunchtime sandwich, Noisette is the answer.

Final thought: “Amazing custard beignets and sourdough”

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7 Comments on Noisette

  1. Wahh! What a sweet and cute little cafe <3
    Gotta love the cabinet full of delicious sweets!

    And.. I think I might need to make a visit some time in the future so that I get a taste of that custard beignet – looks so scrumptious!

    Btw, Love the design of your blog – so very clean 😀

    Peach Water

  2. Oh my! Oddly enough I have never been able to make it there… so many places to go!

  3. OMG OMG I can’t get my eyes off the sweets and that beignet!!! Gotta go and i really like how they close at 6pm niceeee thanks for sharing!

  4. Now this looks like a real bakery!:) I will have…all the cakes, thank you:) hehe.

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