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Oktoberfest 2016: Annual Dachshund Race at Hophaus

October is all about Oktoberfest. Bring Munich to Melbourne has become an annual tradition for the team at Hophaus, and this year is no exception. With a feast of activities – including ‘Ladies Love Bier’ luncheon, German Degustation Dinner and the annual Teckelrennen Dachshund Race – Hophaus from the 16 September to 23 October will get Melbourne into the German spirit.

Teckelrennen Dachshund Race

The second annual Teckelrennen Dachshund Race builds on the success from its first race which saw a ton of attention and much fun all round. This year 74 dachshunds have registered to compete for the title of the fastest dachshund; plus a costume competition for the best and elaborate dressed dachshund. Looking back at last year’s contenders, the competition will be ripe hot.

The Teckelrennen Dachshund Race Day is more than just the dachshunds. The day will also offer fun filled festivities, including Hammerschlagen, Bretzel Tossing, The Great Bretzel Bite-Off, and Apple Bobbing – snaffle an apple and win a shot of apple schnapps – from 1pm to 6pm. And at 6pm, the Melbourne German band – Black Forest Trio – will play into the night.

The Teckelrennen Dachshund Race will be held on Saturday 24 September at SouthGate.


Hophaus will be offering an extensive food and drink program for all ages. From Ladies Love Bier luncheon, beer trivia nights, Family Days and a special Hoptoberfest menu; Hophaus at SouthGate will become the beacon for Oktoberfest.

“Our bier selection will be even bigger with no less than four speciality fest biers flying in from Munich for our celebrations. It’s also been a major coup for Weihenstephaner’s Head Brewer Tobias Zollo to come to Melbourne to host our special degustation dinner. We are predicting record numbers this year, our biggest Hoptoberfest yet!” noted Hophaus Manager Scott Highfield.

The festivities will kick off on Saturday 17 September and will commence with the traditional Tapping of the Key – free bier from the tapped keg till it runs dry.

Hophaus: food

On the food front, Hophaus centrepiece dish is their take on the German potato pancake – Kartoffelpuffer. Accompany with pulled pork and apple and fennel salad is just one of the specially crafted dish on offer during Hoptoberfest.

With a new head chef – Damian Love – this year’s Hoptoberfest introduces the indulgent German Degustation Dinner, hosted on Monday the 4th of October. The special dinner will be hosted by Head Brewer Weihenstephaner Tobias Zollo, will take dinners on a delighted seven courses with matching biers.

More information about Hophaus can be found here.

The important stuff

What: Oktoberfest 2016 at Hophaus Southgate
16 September to 23 October
Where: Hophaus Bier Bar Grill, south end of the mid level overlooking the Yarra River.

Hobtoberfest Opening Day Saturday 17 September

12:00pm Tapping of the Keg – free bier until it runs out!

Sausage Eating Competition
Strong Man Competition

1:00pm-11:00pm Live music from Black Forest Trio

Teckelrennen Annual Dachshund Race on Saturday 24 September

11:00am-2:00pm – 12 dachshund race heats
12:00pm – Best Dressed Dachshund Costume Parade
Teckelrennen fest games at Hophaus

Bretzel Tossing
The Great Bretzel Bite-Off
Apple Bobbing (snaffle an apple and win a shot of apple schnapps!)

6pm-10pm – live music from Black Forest Trio at Hophaus

Words by Scott Viney
Photography by Scott Viney and images provided by Fuller PR

Food in pictures

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