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Performance Management In Cabaret

Who do you turn to when the office becomes a circus, a ringmaster of course!

The activity called work is a strange beast. It can reward us with untold riches, meet phenomenal individuals and a source of utopia. But with the positives there are plenty of catches. Work is one of the biggest consumption of time, investment and physical/mental effort that we as humans will endure. Not only is this beast demanding, indiscriminate and cold, it’s also a bloody long slog until reaching the rich green pastures of retirement. On top of those issues, it doesn’t get better when dealing with manic executive teams, workaholic managers or experiencing inappropriate behaviour that hasn’t been seen since the sandpit days.

Ringmaster Scott Hollingsworth (Oklahoma, West Side Story, Cats and Spamalot) draws on his own corporate ‘day job’ experiences and cracks the whip in his latest comedy cabaret – Performance Management – In Cabaret. Showing at the Butterfly Club, the cabaret explores all aspects of his own corporate circus (from the enthusiastic job interviews were telling the truth is rare to the tight rope drama of dealing with HR issues) that is effortless married with catchy classic pop and entertaining Broadway tunes. It’s the only performance were Marry Poppins and small cash payments are used as an effective mechanism to ensure respectable performance measures are achieved; or when porn and racism at work can turn into a playful and comedic song!

Scott has nailed the perfect balance of portraying the ups and downs of the corporate world through performing arts that is relatable and funny to all. It’s a powerful performance because it draws upon common experiences and situations that are shared by many. Capturing a fantastic candid dialogue, it’s as like you’re in his office hearing the story unfold.

Drawing on his strong performance experience working in both national and international productions, Scott shines on the stage with a stella performance – engaging and entertaining from start to finish. Watch out for the whip, the ringmaster is in town!

The Important Stuff

Venue: The Butterfly Club, Carson Place (off Lt. Collins St.) Melbourne CBD
Dates: Tues 19 – Sunday 24 May
Tickets: $38 full, $34 concession, $25 Tuesday, $30 Group 8+
Times: Tues/Wed/Sun @ 8pm. Thurs-Sat @9pm
Bookings and more info: (03) 9663 8107

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