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SPOTTED: Pope Joan licking her Blox

Photography provide by Small Talk PR + Management

There was a time when the world seemed simpler. A world where parents ruled and told us where to go and what to do. A world where going to the next suburb by yourself was a big deal. A world where icypole or Blox ruled! Yes, summer is coming and with it comes the delightful sensation of continuously licking the sweet, sweet flavours of an icypole.

While we may have grown up a little, there still is no excuse to love an icypole. In celebrating all things summer, Pope Joan is releasing its own range of icypoles – the Brunswick Blox. These locally made icypoles are made from love in Brunswick with funky flavours matched with known Melbourne names.

So come down to Pope Joan on the Saturday 21st of December at 5pm to witness the launch of the Brunswick Blox. Drop $25 on the table and enjoy an All-American Backyard BBQ and get those tongues out to try the flavours of the Brunswick Blox. It’s a Saturday session with a child-like spin on it.

The Brunswick Blox are exclusive available at Pope Joans generalist store, Hams and Bacon for $5 throughout Summer.

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