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Meet the Producers – Melbourne City Rooftop Honey

Pope Joan has always had a strong focus on producing quality goods under the stewardship of Matt Wilkinson. Sourcing the best and freshest seasonal ingredients allows the team at Pope Joan to plate up impressive dishes time and time again – from brunch to dinner. Last year, Pope Joan started a little work shop called ‘meet the producer’. The aim is to allow their regulars and interested patrons in meeting the producer(s) behind the ingredients served up at Pope Joan and stocked in their store, Ham & Bacon. Meet the producer is kicking off again for 2014 with the people behind Melbourne City Rooftop Honey.

Held in Bacon and Ham (Pope Joan’s produce store) founders of Melbourne City Rooftop Honey Vanessa Kwiatkowski & Mat Lumalasi will have a chat about their business venture – which started in 2010 – and how they intend to close the distance between production and plate. Also up for discussion are issues around sustainability and the importance of bees (who are the star attraction of honey).

Meet the Producer is held on the 4 February from 4:30pm to 7:30pm at Ham and Bacon (75 Nicholson Street, Brunswick). These events are held intermediately throughout the year.

More information about Melbourne City Rooftop Honey can be found here

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