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Dream a little Christmas dream @ the QV Dream Tent

Dream a little Christmas dream @ the QV Dream Tent

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There is nothing wrong with a bit of day dreaming. Letting your mind wonder to fantasise on desirable aspirations, relive past events or simply to hypothesis future actions (and consequences) is very important – irrespective to what your primary school teacher might have said. Inspiration and innovation is drawn from dreams and it’s the perfect way to escape the daily grind that is our lives. While too much day dreaming may lead to a number of odd looks, there is a place during December were dreaming is encourage. For the month of December, QV invites its shoppers and city dwellers to the QV Dream Tent.

The QV Dream Tent is the perfect place to hang out this summer. There is plenty of DIY Christmas inspiration and inviting food workshops from QV store operators to get you inspired and motivated for the festive season. The tent brings a playful and alluring environment with a very clean look and strong dark colours. There are bespoke lights suspended from the roof resembling soft clouds that is complemented with falling feathers and light summer rain to simulate being in the clouds.


Not only is there plenty to see but plenty to do. The QV Nimbus bar will be open daily (12pm – 5pm) and will be serving a selection of ice-cold treats and fluffy white-as-clouds fairy floss – the perfect setup to escape the pending summer heat.

For the first two weekends, the Sister Markets will occupy the tent selling unique and impressive goods for those stuck on what to gift their loved ones. In addition, there will be plenty of Christmas workshops hosted daily. From learning how to arrange a native flower Christmas wreath by Flower Temple, Christmas cupcake decorating by The Cupcake Family, Gingerbread house design by GingerGirl and free Christmas nail art by Goddess of Nails there are lots of different activities to get you into the festive season.

So its time to put down the champagne glass and dream a little of the Christmas that you want to achieve. The best place to start is at the QV Dream Tent.

The QV Dream Tent is open from the 2 – 22 of December open daily between 12pm to 5pm. To view the full program click hereMore information about the QV Dream Tent can be found here.

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