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Smelling the fauna & flora @ QV Glass House

Words and Photography by: Mr LB

Just like a magicians smoke bomb revealing a beautiful woman, Melbourne’s Winter has been transformed into Spring! The sun is out longer, the weather is pleasurable with ladies wearing printed harem pants and men sporting colourful shorts. It’s smiles all round as fun events consume our calender as we count down to Summer. Another reason to get into the spirit of Spring is the newly launched QV Glasshouse.

A true experience for the senses, visitors will be immersed in all things nature. It’s a place to relax and recoup from the daily activity and take in the blossoming vegetation that is suspended from ceiling to floor.  As part of the Spring Uncovered Festival, the QV Glasshouse is hosting a range of intriguing and inspiration events that combine fashion, food and floristry.

The first week will see the QV Glasshouse be representative of an elegant English conservatory with green palms and fresh flowers. Tea and cake service is operating daily from 12pm – 4pm for the low price of $5. Tea is provided by Lupicia with various black and green flavours on offer. Accompanying your tea is a selection of scones and tasty sweet delights.

In the second week of operation, the QV Glasshouse will transform into a botanical enclosure. In addition, there will be a  butterfly enclosure fitted and with a gold coin donation will support the Butterfly Foundation while you can surround yourself by beauty.

There are various specific events as part of the QV Glasshouse which include demonstrations in making an indoor garden, chocolate tastings, champagne tastings and flower arranging.

The latest spring fashion offerings at QV will also be shown at the QV Glasshouse on Thursday 26 and Friday 27.

The QV Glasshouse is operating from the 22 September to 10 October with various events predominately stating at midday

For more information about the QV Glass House Schedule of Activities, please click here

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