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QV Hotham lodge makes winter playful

Warning: Artificial snow and winter fashion was spotted in the making of this blog.

QV Melbourne
Corner of Lonsdale and Swanston Street

Opening Hours:
Sun – Sat: All day within QV’s trading hours
(From the 3 June to the 30 June 2013)

Mr LB:
“It’s with extreme sadness that Brunch Addict announces that winter has officially arrived. Be prepared for cold, harsh  conditions and multiple layers as a requirement – and not just because it’s in vogue. Some people will escape the winter by travelling to a warmer continent, while others will persevere by looking forward to the warmer months ahead. There are plenty of postiives to be experienced throughout winter though, from wearing winter coats and trendy scarfs to rejuvenating your look to finding the best hot chocolate offered in Melbourne. For the month of June, there is another reason to celebrate winter with the opening of the QV Hotham Lodge.

Located on the astroturf open area on the third floor, it’s hard to miss the QV Hotham Lodge. The large marque is decked out with pine tresses and has a fake snow machine to give you a sense of what winter should really be like. Inside, you are transported into a cozy and relaxing space. The dark wood and decor surrounding the fireplace provides the warm experience of being in a lodge. There are various seating arrangements to suit different group sizes.

What better way to celebrate winter than having a hot chocolate? The team at Sisko Chocolate in Hawthorn, led by Ian Burch, has team up with Flower Temple (located in QV) who are offering a hot chocolate experience to remember.

A glass of hot chocolate here (pictured below) contains various chocolate shavings and a chocolate pod. By pouring in the hot chocolate milk into the glass, the pod slowly melts and a vanilla bean marshmallow appears from inside! Talk about winter theater!

Sisko Chocolate Marshmallow Pods

It wouldn’t be a QV event without a splash of fashion. An arrange of cool yet sophisticated winter pieces were showcased, with all items currently in stock from various QV retailer. I personally loved the red jumpsuit and fitted three-quarter pleather jeans for the ladies. For the guys,structured sweat pants are tipped to be big this season, matched with either a peacoat or – for the bold – denim jacket.

If you are around Melbourne for the next month it’s worth checking out what’s happening at QV’s Hotham Lodge.”

Final Thought: “The QV Hotham lodge makes winter exciting”

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