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Rivoli Cinemas Celebrates its 75th Anniversary

High speed internet gave us endless possibilities into the unknown. Video conferences and streaming straight to your computer was now a reality – not just seen on Sci-Fi flicks. This followed with the born the ‘pirating age’ of torrents and general accessibility of TV and movie content. This meant that the power of viewing was reverted to the people… and in a big shift. We could (finally) dictate when to watch and what to watch content on our own terms. The groups and individuals opposing such change claimed that such power meant that cinemas will shut up shop and the entertainment industry will be a former shadow of itself.

Skip to the present and the fundamentals of filming are still alive and well. We still have a strong love for cinema, production houses are producing more content than ever and Hollywood is still getting paid. It seems that when it comes to cinema, it still holds an important aspect to how we view movies. Let’s face it, when it comes to special events like first preview screening or a special independent flick, nothing beats viewing the flick at the cinema. There is a romance with film and cinema that dates back to way before the days of Woody Allen’s Annie Hall.

In the celebration of cinema, our very own and arguable the most iconic cinema in Melbourne; the Rivoli Cinemas is turning 75. Rivoli Cinemas is a stunning piece of architecture that was first opened on October 11, 1940 and designed by cinema architects, H. Vivian Taylor and Sollieaux.  More than just a standard cinema, Rivoli Cinemas has been known for not only projecting the biggest block-buster movies, but also showcasing the latest in contemporary and art-house film.

In celebration of its 75th birthday, Rivoli Cinemas will be offering film lovers a special opportunity over the month of October to watch some of the most memorable and breath taking flicks of this century. Starting on the 4 of October, Rivoli Cinemas will be featuring the likes of include Casablanca, Vertigo, and The Shawshank Redemption as part of its weekly classic film series. Then on Sunday 25th of October is the Gala event to not only celebrate Rivoli’s 75th birthday but also offering an exclusive screening of the highly anticipated film of 2015 – Carol starring Cate Blanchett and Rooney Mara.

For more information and to win tickets to the Gala event, visit

The important stuff

Where: Rivoli Cinemas – 200 Camberwell Rd, Hawthorn East
When: Screening of the classic movies will commence from the 4th of October. The Gala event will be hosted on Sunday 25 of October. Tickets on sale now.

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