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Rubble Designs kick start their journey

aspiration [as-puhrey-shuh n] noun – a hope or ambition of achieving something

We all have dreams and aspirations. An idea or plan that sends us off on a magical and frightening adventure; with each success and failure filled with raw emotions. Aspirations are what drive us to achieve our goals and the freedom to do something we love. The first step to set up a business or significantly change the direction of your life comes with a high price, and for some, it’s high enough to discourage the pursuit. But for the ones that do, the experience is like no other.

This story is about the humble beginnings of Rubble Designs.

In 2012, Rubble Designs was just a hobby for Trent Milligan. Trent had quickly fallen in love with the process of sourcing recycled materials and discovering its unique back story. On his first project, Trent was luckily enough to find timber from Melbourne’s Northcote tenpin bowling alley; with the history and stories of the bowling alley now sitting in his kitchen as a dining table. Building and designing furniture pieces with materials that have a deep history had spurred Trent – and business partner Marc Goodwin – to build beyond his own needs.

“Why buy the same dining table as thousands of other people and have to assemble it yourself from a flat-packed box, when you can have a solid and timeless piece of Melbourne’s history in your dining room and tell its story time and time again to your dinner guests?” Trent said.

During his university commitments, he perfected his skills in his home garage and occasionally built unique furniture items for friends, family and Facebook fans. However, Rubble Designs was shelved for the next two years, with Trent balancing his corporate careers and weekend hobbies. It wasn’t until the start of 2014 when Trent and Marc – over a beer – decided it was time to throw away the white shirt and replace with overalls.

“We re-launched Rubble [Designs] full time in July 2014 and very quickly outgrew the small single garage. We now have a new workshop and open to the public gallery space in Thomastown,” Trent said.

The current pieces demonstrate strong design elements with a pleasant rustic feel. Each piece, from design to build, has a strong and quality finish that can easily be integrated with existing modern furniture pieces. While some may say the pieces are bold, the character and history can create a focal point of any room.

If the cat and mouse game of Ikea and Freedom makes you see red, then perhaps a visit to Rubble Designs is what you need. Take the opportunity to branch out from the norm and bring inspiration and Melbourne history into the home.

Rumble Design is having a launch party on Saturday 15 November. Make sure to pop by to see the latest offerings from the team of Rubble Designs

Rubble Designs has pieces available for sale in its Thomastown warehouse gallery and also takes custom orders. To view the latest products or receive a free design consultation, visit the warehouse gallery located at 5/8 Wentworth Court, Thomastown 3071. Open Monday – Saturday, please call to organise a time on 0421 923 351.

More information about Rubble Designs and to browse through all their pieces, please click here

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