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Santa’s Christmas Spectacular

One giant Christmas Party


It’s Christmas time. A time when ‘spiriting’ to the end of year is consider the usual plan of attack. We are all chasing something, but during the festive season it too often goes something like the following:

  • Spiriting to the thousand and one Christmas events.
  • Spiriting to finish work deadlines.
  • Spiriting to see Santa for the little ones.
  • Spiriting to get all the shopping done; and the biggie
  • Spiriting to the airport/beach house/parent house/friend house to final celebrate Christmas.

Christmas might be a tough juggling act, but there is always a silver lining during the festive period. One such event to entertain both adults and kids is showing at Wonderland of Fun at Harbour Town, Docklands. The theme park has been recently transformed into Santa’s Magical Wonderland. A place filled with Christmas fun that includes a Talking Tree, Santa’s Mailing box and plenty of Christmas treats.

The notable attraction is the hour long – heart stopping and death defying – performance of Santa’s Christmas Spectacular. Crazy acrobatic elves take the audience on a fun filled adventure as they get themselves into all type of mischief at Santa’s magical Toy Workshop. With the spirit of Christmas broken, it’s their responsibility to find a way to fix it before Christmas.

From jumping, flipping, rolling, holi-hooping and being suspended from the roof of the Melbourne famous Spiegeltent Tent; the elves are a crazy bunch as they try and save Christmas with a little help from the little ones. In-between the acrobats performance are spellbinding magical tricks and comedic travels of the elves attempt to save the spirit of Christmas.

Santa’s Christmas Spectacular is a joyful fun family event that not only inspires the kids, but successfully entertains the adults with its impressive and diverse demonstration of acrobatic strengthens by all members of the cast. Not to mention a special visitor from the big man in red! So for this year’s Christmas, why not take a break from the madness and sit back to enjoy a little Christmas magic at Harbour Town, Docklands.

For more information about Santa’s Christmas Spectacular can be found here. Tickets can be purchased at Ticketek.

The Important Stuff

When: 14 November to 24 December
Where: Wonderland Fund Park, 120 Pearl River Rd, Docklands
Price: $40 Adult (over the age of 16), $30 Child (between the ages of 3- 15)
*Childen under three do not require a ticket if accompanied by an adult.
Duration: 45 minutes
What to expect:
 acrobatic elves causing havoc in Santa’s magical Toy Workshop.

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