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SECTION 8: 2016 Beach Party Series

The once concrete jungle of Section 8 is now a tropical paradise

Photography by Duncographic.

Oh yeah, Summer! Not just a time of the year to wear shorter clothing and head to the water; but as a whole, we are a happier bunch. There is no winging about the how cold the weather is or how losing an umbrella at an inconvenient time is #sadpants. It’s SUMMER! There is no time for winging. Rather, it’s time to embrace this heat before it quickly turns its indiscriminate rays of joy to the other side of the planet.

The first week of January is often the toughest week in summer. Not only has there just been enough time to unwind and discard touchy devices and recovered from Christmas celebration, but for some, the first week entails the dreaded action of returning to work. Tough as it is – a post on Facebook or Instagram isn’t going to help – there is some positive upside. Not everything is happening in Portsea.

Reprising its role as ‘beach party central’, Section 8 – in support of by Stone & Wood and The Apple Thief – is once again hosting its Melbourne famous Beach Party Series. From this Thursday to Sunday, swap your desert boots for thongs – or better yet go barefooted – as Section 8 pours a lot of beach sand and sets up the beach umbrella to create a sandy sunsoaked oasis. With a great list of independent and up-in-coming artist that is matched with a strong Melbourne vibe, the beach has come to the city.

But it’s only for four days. So stop liking your mates beach pictures on Instagram and grab a few friends to enjoy the sweet tunes and summer vibes at the most unlikely of locations.

Here’s is a sneak peak of what happen at last year’s event.

The Important Stuff

When: Thursday 7th – Sunday 10th of January
Where: Section 8, 27-29 Tattersalls Ln, Melbourne
Time: Thur – Fri 10am – 1am, Sat – Sun 12pm – 1am
What: Beach party in the heart of the CBD

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