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She Dances

One woman, two trapeze, a yellow tutu and a large chocolate cake. This is the opening scene for one of the more progressive acts coming out of the 2016 Melbourne’s Fringe festival – She Dances.

Fresh from winning the Best WA Circus Show at Fringe World 2016, She Dances is a contemporary circus showing this weekend only. The show combines trapezes, dance and physical comedy in a clever way. Performed at the high ceilings of the Meat Market in North Melbourne, the audience will meet an unusual character who has a knack of dancing and has somewhat of an identity crisis. With big black high heels and range of physical emotion, the perfectly time routines give a true sense of being both white and black swan – from happy and empower to the dark weak moments of depression.

Nailing physical comedy is no easy feat, especially when there is zero dialogue. It allows the audience to interpret and seek out the hidden message from the story, and this is what She Dances offers in spades .

The 30 minute performance is fun, confronting and a little naughty. The mixed emotions from the different character personalities can create one or two ‘WTF?’ moments, but sticking with it and you will be rewarded with an unexpected tale and story development told by Dawn Pascoe’s elegant physical performance.

To purchase tickets visit or call 9660 9666.

Words by Scott Viney
Photography provided by Encore PR

The important stuff

When: 15 – 18 September
Where: The Rabbit Hole, Emerald City, Meat Market
5 Blackwood St, North Melbourne
7pm, Sunday 6pm
Duration: 50 minute

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