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Melbourne Food & Wine Festival: Southgate Fiesta!

Photography provided by Fuller PR

Come one! Come All! The Melbourne Food and Wine Festival is upon us once again – kicking off tomorrow – with an array of exciting foodie events that is sure to get your mouth watering. With water as the key theme this year, this seems particularly fitting! Southbank kicks off its celebration this Saturday with Southgate Fiesta – an event that showcases the surrounding restaurants and up to twelve boutique Australian wineries. Think beautiful fresh seafood tasting plates for $15 from the likes of Waterfront, Miyako, Pure South and BearBrass from 12pm – 6pm and wine tastings from 3pm – 8pm. There will be live entertainment on the promenade to keep the whole family happy and as the sun begins to set, Southgate Cinemas will open its doors for free foodie-related screenings of My Sri Lanka, My Island Feast and one of the latest episodes of Mexican Fiesta with Peter Kuruvita.

Lyn Gent, Southgate Fiesta Wine Educator provided some hot tips for those planning to attend the wine tasting (and not look like a wanker):

  1. There is no need to hold your glass on an angle when being served wine. It won’t make any difference to the amount of ‘head’ your wine ‘won’t’ get.
  2. Hold your glass like a normal person, by the stem. You can hold the base between your thumb and index finger, but it’s easier to wear a badge that says, “I really want you to think I’m a wine expert.”
  3. We all like to swirl and sniff before tasting. Drawing the aromatics up into our olfactory bulb. We only have one, and both nostrils lead to it, so put your whole nose into the glass, not one nostril at a time.
  4. A little bit of knowledge is a good thing or can make you sound pretentious. Be judicious with your “fluttering of Damson plum with a whimsical hint of smoked pomegranate essence.”
  5. Don’t judge people who love cheap wine, they’re probably happier and richer than you.

Southgate Fiesta takes place Saturday 1 March 2014 at 3 Southgate Avenue, Southbank. Tasting plates available from noon – 6pm, wine tasting available from 3pm-8pm. Note that last entry to wine tasting is 6:30pm. Southgate Cinema screenings commence from 8pm. 

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