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Stand ‘N Stuff Tortilla Family Bar

There is a new shaped tortilla in town - Stand 'N Stuff

Food trends are a moving beast in their own right. While technology trends take roughly four years to be accepted (remember when we all said the tablet had no purpose?), food has a stronger and more personal connection. Mexican food in the past four years has gone from strength to strength; from making an impact as a trendy cuisine on the restaurant scene to increased interest for DIY Mexican at home. The immediately fresh and irresistible Mexican flavours with various prepared meats, poultry and vegetarian option makes for an all round favourite.

Old El Paso has established itself as the leading provider of Mexican food products – from tortillas to various Mexican hot sauces, Old El Paso offers delicious family-friendly home cooked meals. To celebrate the latest product from Old El Paso – the Stand N’ Stuff Soft Tortilla – Melbournians are offered a unique experience to try the new soft taco at their exciting pop up store at The Strand.

The Stand N’s Stuff Tortilla Family Bar is more than just a soft tortilla – it’s an experience. With tortillas priced at $2.50 (cheaper than the average sushi roll!) you get to design your tortilla fillings with the option of a beef, pork or chicken base. The Mexican-inspired meats and food bar have been crafted by the very talented Mexican Chef Paul Wilson (former Newmarket Hotel and Acland St Cantina) and Damm Fine Food. It is tailored to be fun, family-friendly but most importantly – delicious!

The fillings include both a traditional and modern take on Mexican cuisine and cater for all your desires, finishing off with a range of salsas. So whether you are after something to spice up your lunch routine or a bit of dinner after some shopping, The Stand N’ Stuff Soft Tortilla pop-up is worth visiting.

Shop 16, The Strand (opposite Cacao Lab)
250 Elizabeth Street, Melbourne

Opening hours:
Mon – Wed: 12pm – 7pm
Thurs – Fri: 12pm – 9pm
Sat – Sun: 12pm – 8pm

Stand ‘N Stuff Tortilla Family Bar has official launched and will be serving delicious Mexican food till Thursday 24 July.

More information about the Stand ‘N Stuff Tortilla Family Bar can be found here.

Get inspired for your next Mexican cooking adventures with plenty of delicious recipes at Old El Pasco website.

The Modern Connoisseur is excited that Old El Paso are (finally) releasing tinned Black Beans to complete your DIY Mexican meals at home!

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  1. Haha, love the shoutout about Old El Paso finally selling black beans in Australia!

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