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T. Cavallaro & Sons

Looking for the best cannoli in Melbourne? T Callavaro & Sons has you covered...

The Best Cannoli in Melbourne.

It’s a rather striking statement and certainly puts our reputation and credibility on the line. Bloggers do have a tendency to sensationalise cafes, restaurants or bars that add little value to the venue credentials.

Declaring something as the ‘best’ is a subjective one with experience, exposure and knowledge all contributing factors. As The Modern Con takes this firm stance (yes, we actually care about our reputation), T. Cavallaro & Sons in Footscray make one impressive and memorable cannoli. Not only is the cannoli a super star, but the store itself brings a touch of Italy into Footscray.

T. Cavallaro & Sons is a family own business that has been operating on Victoria Street, Footscray since 1956. It’s a second generation family business which is run by the very friendly and charismatic Tony and his wife Rose. Also in the mix is Sarah, her husband and Tony’s adult children.

The reason T. Cavallaro & Sons make the best cannoli is due to their clear foundation principles and no expenses spared in the production process. As Tony puts it “The idea is to go back to the basics with the rolling and making of the cannoli”. And rightly so, T. Cavallaro & Sons gets their flour from New Zealand, chocolate from Denmark and they produce their own almond meal (which is used to make the biscuit base). It’s a recipe that Tony’s father had brought across from Italy when migrating to Australia and from day dot, Tony has been around the shop – learning from the master.

The results don’t lie and there are two different filling to choose from – the traditional ricotta and the chocolate and vanilla custard. We arrived on a hot day after having breakfast at Guerilla Espresso and apparently rolling cannolis in such conditions affects the bubbling of the filling and the shape. Aesthetics aside, we didn’t mind as we munched our way through our tastings.

The chocolate and custard cannoli is ideal for the sweet tooth with a beautiful creamy texture. Perfectly suited to a double espresso, this cannoli would have had grandmothers crooning with happiness. The cannoli pastry was simply irresistible with a lovely crunchy texture that bursts with the taste of fresh almond meal. The ricotta filling was lighter and easier to eat for those of you who are used to minimising sugar intake. These little cannolis were a simply delight that brought us just a little closer to the footholds of Italy.

More information about T. Cavallaro & Sons can be found here.

Opening Hours:
Mon – Fri: 8:30am – 5:30pm
Sat: 8am – 3pm
Sun: 8am – 12:30pm

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