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A preview into Taste of Melbourne 2015

Calling all taste buds! Taste of Melbourne – in partnership with Electrolux – has official launched. This year’s Taste of Melbourne has plenty of attractions and restaurant stalls to feast upon. Curating a collection of familiar and first time appearances generates a renewed excitement to the festival experience. This year’s theme allows patrons to hop between little dedicated spaces, including the large Yarra Valley wine tasting space or pulling up a chair at Pastuso & San Telmo Latin Quarter.

So what do you recommend, you ask? Well, we do have a few hot tips to offer when planning your Taste of Melbourne experience this weekend.

1. Royal Mail Hotel

This is Royal Mail Hotel first appearance at Taste of Melbourne and they didn’t hesitate with their food offerings. Calling Dunkeld home, the four dishes were equally exceptional in taste, innovation and presentation – pushing the boundaries on what they can offer from a small stall operation.

The Royal Floss w Duck Phat Sundays

Duck Phat Sundays

Arguable the best dish from the four was the Duck Phat Sundays. Nominated equal first from the Taste judges, the Duck Phat Sunday is a dessert treat not to be missed. This novel dessert challenges the senses and exceptions of what to expect from a sundae. It’s not cold as ice cream should, yet sweet in flavour – thanks to the angelica syrup – and highly addictive for effectively what is duck fat.

Knuckle Sandwich, Mustard Slaw

Sheeps Balls, Zucchini Salad

2. Movida

A crowd favourite and regular at Taste of Melbourne, Movida has step up their game at this year’s Taste. Not only has their stall been given a much need decor injection – incorporating Spanish graffiti art as its back drop – but their dishes have also evolved. Of course, there is the classic and unavoidable meat skews with a knob of bread grilled on a make-shift charcoal pit. But this year showcases a stronger incumbent -Embutidos. Comprising of larger dish that encourages a picnic feast of dried meat and vinegar soaked chills makes for a perfect dish when the sun is out and complemented with a Moritz.



3. Bundaberg Rum Tasting

In exactly nine minutes your perception of Bundaberg Rum will be forever different. The past decade Bundaberg Rum have changed their tune, sourcing a variety of high quality American and Australian oak to store and seal rum for longer periods of time. Their newly created range of aged rum – including their delicious Small Batch brand and the Black Label which is bold and complex in taste – have crafted a complete turnaround; transforming a beverage you use to drink for the sole purpose of getting inebriated to now appreciating the pleasant tastes. The Bundaberg boys leading the tasting class are engaging, super fun and hands-on as you learn a thing or two about rum. Best of all it’s free!

Taste of Melbourne is full of experiences and our top hints are just a teaser of what can be expected. To achieve the true experience head down to Albert Park this weekend and prime those taste-buds.

The important stuff

When: Thursday November 12 – Sunday November 15
Where: Pelican Lawn, Albert Park Lake
Price: Tickets start from $25.00 from Ticketek (Audi Platinum Lounge presented by Riedel tickets from $135)
What to expect: outdoor space, sunshine and plenty of good food and bevvies. Restaurants at this year’s Taste of Melbourne includes the likes of:

  • Supernormal
  • Luxembourg
  • Royal Mail Hotel
  • Pastuso
  • San Telmo
  • MoVida
  • Mamasita
  • Circa, The Prince
  • Gazi

Food in pictures

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