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A photo guide through Thailand: Part 4

Chang Mai is the new Bangkok, without the hassle and smog.

There are many reasons for why we all travel. It might be to chase the summer sun, to experience something completely novel or to temporarily forget the pressures from work and recharge. Mr LB from Brunch Addict had a strong urge to leave Melbourne and experience life at a different pace. Within a week of leave being confirmed, flights and a tour with Geckos Adventures was booked.

This travel series in photos shows a different experience to what some might typically think of Thailand on the Tales of Old Saim tour by Geckos Adventure.

Chiang Mai

Oh My Budda! – An alternative to “Oh my God”

If you desire an authentic Thailand experience that includes great day-activities and vibrant night life activities then Chiang Mai needs to be on your itinerary. On offer are wholesome and sometimes physical activities such as the longest zip line in the jungle (Zipline Chiang Mao), kicking up some dust in downhill & cross country mountain bike riding (Mountain Biking Chang Mai) and exploring the various natural features on offer.

At night the city is full of colours, buzzing with night markets, restaurants and plenty of bars and clubs to party all night long. All of this without the craziness that is Bangkok.

Food in pictures

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