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The Ambrosiary

Oakleigh has been given a welcome injection of fine food and coffee

Today is your day.
You’re off to Great Places!
You’re off and away!

An extract from Oh, the Places You’ll Go! by Dr. Seuss

The journey of our career is exceptionally unexpected and emotional – ranging from feeling on the top of the world to sometimes feeling like you’re at the bottom of the pit. We all like to think we have control and direction in our career; but sometimes outside forces have other ideas. Whether it be stuck in a role that you don’t like or a profession that doesn’t meet your expectations; these moments sometimes lead you to assess what you truly have a passion for.

Marinos (Maz) Arapis took some much needed time away from various legal files and unplugged from the corporate world; setting out on a European adventure. Travelling to various towns and cities and immersing himself in the many culinary delights they had to offer. This experience awakened his passion for high quality and well produced food, resulting in his idea to open a food store – but with a difference. Upon returning to the shores of Melbourne, Maz and his brother Emmanuel went about and opened The Ambrosiary in Oakleigh. Instead of just focusing on the purchasing experience, Maz wanted to a community feel and achieved this by introducing a coffee bar within the store.

The Ambrosiary is a vibrant fine food store that stocks high quality and one off food goods. Maz’s vision is to offer a range of fresh and ambient food products that are of a rare find and enriched with an individual story. By providing the best food goods from Melbourne and beyond, The Ambrosiary sets out to be a leader in catering for unique flavour and premium quality. Stocking everything from freshly made pasta, almond milk, European beverages and unique appetisers – there is something for everyone to spark excitement and curiosity.

The Ambrosiary sources their coffee from a local roaster – Four Rascals Coffee. Four Rascals Coffee is a small and relative new coffee roaster team that consists of four guys and a dream to make ‘awesome coffee’. The Ambrosiary stocks their most popular blend – Rapscallion – which has a combination of eight coffee regions.  The blend in a long black was of a great quality with smooth sweet flavours hitting the palate.

Along with the coffees we enjoyed a chocolate pretzel, which was a stand-out product of the store. Maz discovered an old German couple who lived near the West Gate Bridge that bake these sweet delights from scratch. The pretzels are a shining example of what Maz is aiming to achieve; sourcing one off goods that you would never find in mainstream stores, adding a special element to any home dining experience.

For the curious, Ambrosia is a part of Greek mythology – food provided by the gods to bring on longevity. Embrace the selection of fine foods available at The Ambrosiary.

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