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A no fuzz and relax dinner at The Boatbuilders Yard

Words and Photography by: Mr LB

Slagging off. Admit it or not, we all do it in some way. For Melbourne, it’s hard not to slag off Docklands. Its position against the CBD, design, wind factor or lack of trees, either way, a lot of criticism has been thrown around. Slagging off Docklands is easy but it’s been around for more than ten years and it’s now time to channel that negativity into a positive focus on innovative ways to make it attractive. One leading example is using the once dilapidated boat sheds and refitting them into a restaurant and bar space. Personally, I’m not a big fan of Docklands and co, however my friend Thom is a huge advocate. It was with this persuasion I had found myself having a spot of dinner at The Boatbuilders Yard.

The outfit of The Boatbuilders Yards is strange but homely. As you walk towards the building you are not quite sure what to expect with the multiple twist and turns before properly entering the venue. The decor has a warm feeling with raw wood and dim lighting creating a cozy ambiance. The space itself is huge with the option of being inside next to the wood fire, a window looking out at the city lights or at the bar. Then there is the outside area, with two areas to catch the summer rays. With the ability to cater a large crowd it does have the pit fall of a lack of waiting staff to give a personal touch. Meals are ordered at the bar and food is collected at a ‘food pick up’ counter outside.

The steak sandwich with a glass of  Little Creatures was a good combination. The plating certainly look delectable with a spicy roasted capsicum relish nicely complementing the steak. What was disappointing to a certain degree was the quality of the ingredients. The meat did have some gristle and the bread at times was slightly tough. Apart form these side issues, it was a filling and satisfying meal.

The veggie burger was equally impressive and possibly better then the steak sandwich. Thom like the freshness of the burger and was overall satisfied.

Chocolate pudding with berry sorbet was a nice finisher, but possibly too rich for my liking. The presentation was lacking with the sauce drowning the pudding. It’s a dessert dish best shared between two or three.

It’s of the rare occasion that I came to Docklands and didn’t feel the cheesy factor of being next to the water. There are other meals more impressive than what we had ordered, but if you are after a quiet dinner at your own pace without the bells and whistles, you should try The Boatbuilders Yard.

Opening Hours:
Sun – Sat 7am – Late

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