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The Burly Q Club

Enter The Burly Q Club. Located on the grungy streets of St Kilda lies a mysterious and hidden club where its activities are questionable by some. The year is 1920 and oh-boy is it a roaring time. Booze is flowing and sentiment is high!  The Burly Q Club is a place to be on a Saturday night to unwind and disconnect from the troubles and over political correctness that the world finds itself in. This is a time to indulge in booze, taste some fine food and enjoy a little tease from some very fine lovely ladies. This is a burlesque show that you won’t want to miss.

There is a distinct difference between titillating and tease, and when it comes to burlesque it’s all about class. The Burly Q Club showcases some of the best burlesque performers from Melbourne and internationally to entertain, tease and tantalise the audience. Not only is each performance stunning in its own right, but the show is MC by a witty and snappy French woman for whom has a strange attraction with bold heads – you have been warned – and will make it her business to entertain others with a little tongue in check. She cleverly sets the scene as patrons settle into the performance and makes the transition between performances that more interesting.

The stage at The Greyhound – apart from the slow red curtain running along its track – is fantastic. The combination of the strobe lighting and ambiance of the stage creates a real sense of Moulin Rouge meets seductive underground club that beats any back alley seedy club. As patrons enter via the side entrance of the Greyhound Hotel, there is a strong sense of a ‘hidden club’ feel with dining tables set for people who will experience the dinner and show package ($89) and bar access for all with a variety of cocktails and nibbles for those who want to see the show ($39).

Be prepared to be seduced by Sina King – Australia’s Queen of Tease – and electrified by a host of world-class entertainers including Burlesque starlets Zelia Rose and Jacqueline Furey, raucous comedy from Aurora Kurth, femme fatale fireeater and sword swallower Elle Diablo, hula hoop Hannie Helsden, rhythmic gymnast Skopalova and circus artist Rowan Thomas and his magical Roue Cyr (large metal wheel).

Burlesque is a multi-form art that employees a number of emotions onto the audience; from laughter to tease, stunned to amazed. And this is exactly what The Burly Q Club has achieve. Men and women all like a tease and this show is all that and more. The Burly Q Club is the perfect escape from the madness that is December, ideal for a date night or just a night out with the girls – this show has you covered to be amazed and entertained.

For more information about the Burly Q Club can be found here.

The Important Stuff

Venue: The Greyhound Hotel, 1 Brighton Rd., St Kilda (03) 9534 4189
Date: Saturdays 3, 10 and 17 December. Doors 6.30pm / Dinner 6.45pm / Show 7pm
Tickets: Dinner & Show $89 / Show Only $39. Group Packages Available

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