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The Craft & Co Winter Session

It all starts with one idea. The revaluation. The ‘a-ha’ moment of which all makers and produces of artisan products have in common. It’s the passionate spirit and endless drive to re-defined and re-educate the community of what a product should look, smell and taste like. Globalisation and free trade has brought the world today and helped made the ease of accessing goods. But it’s the absolute commitment to quality and uniqueness that driven the artisan sector.

From the first thought to the final product – yet alone making a buck or two – is a long and hard road. For some, it’s a matter of being in the right place at the right time. For others the artisan drive runs deep in the family veins. However, artisan doesn’t necessarily mean quitting your job, living off baked beans and researching the ten hottest tips in pitching to investors. Everyday consumers can also be empowered to make their own beer to rolling salami. It all starts with a visit to The Craft & Co.

The Craft & Co have released their second quarter classes running over Autumn and Winter. All classes will be running on Thursday between 6 – 9pm and offers a fun learning environment for all different skill levels and interests.

Please find the dates below:

May 4th: Intro to Distilling
May 11th Salami Making
May 18th: Pasta Making
May 25th: Brewing for Beginners and Cheese Making

June 1st: Gin Masterclass
June 8th: Salami Making
June 15th Cheese Making
June 22nd Pasta Making
June 29th Brewing for Beginners

July 6th: Limoncello Making
July 13th: Salami Making
July 20th: Pasta Making
July 27th: Brewing for Beginners and Cheese Making

August 3rd: Intro to Distilling
August 10th: Salami Making
August 17th: Cheese Making
August 24th: Pasta Making
August 31st: Brewing for Beginners

Whether it’s the drive to create the best Australian Gin or frustrated by the supermarket salami offers, the cooler months of the year provides the right opportunity to roll up the shelves, poise the pen and let the artisan learning begin. Your next big product may just be unearthed.

For more information about each class and to purchase tickets click here.

The Important Stuff

What: The learning hub for any inspiring artisan
Where: 390 Smith St, Collingwood
Opening Hours:
Mon – Wed 7am – 4pm
Thurs – Fri 7am – late
Sat 8am – late
Sun 8am – 6pm

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