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The Insomnia Project

One night can feel like a lifetime...

Sleep is a funny task. It’s something that we all can’t avoid and yet there is mixed emotions about the act. We all have experienced the best sleeps and the worst sleeps. Then there are the sleeps that put us in a crappy mood and the ones that make us feel invincible. For most of us, going to sleep doesn’t require any brain power or physical exertion.

For some, the thought of sleeping sends shivers down their spin. As the moon beams down from the night sky, anxiety washes over and a sense of hopeless is an all too familiar location. The Insomnia Project is the latest theatre production to hit the set of La Mama Courthouse that aims to bring awareness to this struggling illness. With 1 in 3 Australians suffer mild to extreme sleep deprivation – which is exacerbated by our 24/7 lifestyle – the act of sleep isn’t as easy as many realise.

Directed and composed by Natasha Moszenin – whom herself has lived with insomnia since a teenager – the performance explores her world and feelings of suffering from sleep deprivation. Looking at the lives of four individuals, the play takes on the terrain of one night without the ability to sleep. The performance explores the frustration of trying to find peace and comfort, anxiety spells from strange dreams, the feeling of being trap while others are sound asleep and desperation of self-medicating to achieve sleep.

The play aims to exploits the audience emotions and is exceptionally relatable, sad and can even experience a sense of anger. With the themes and scenes easily identifiable to individual experiences, the performance can be quite confronting and difficult to consume at time. The Insomnia Project is a unique production that not only sheds light to the issue of sleep, but also provides a greater understanding of how people are affected by this illness.

The important stuff:

Venue: La Mama Courthouse, Drummond St., Carlton
Dates: Wed 29 July – Sun 9 Aug
Duration: 1 hour and an half
Times: 6.30pm
Tickets: $25 Full, $15 Concession & Groups (6+)
Bookings:  (Ph: (03) 9347 6948)
For more information visit:

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