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International brews and an American Smoke Out BBQ @ The Park

Entering into a modern pub along a strip of shops reveal dark woods, modern lighting and eye-catching signage, broadcasting the latest beers on offer. The venue specialises in craft beer, having previously taken out Australia’s best beer list 2 years in a row with its range of over 400 local and international brews. Two Sunday’s ago this venue went next level, launching an American Smoke Out BBQ to compliment the Sunday the sessions they already run in their sunny courtyard.

The Park, Werribee, is an unlikely oasis in the western suburbs. With a modern atmosphere, this venue feels more like you’re in an inner city venue like Prahran Hotel rather than in suburban Melbourne. Their custom-build smoker by Silvercreek Smokers sits in the corner quitely exuding white smoke.

“Everything here is house made,” says venue owner Nick Christou, “from the pork, sage and chilli sausages to the chipotle sauce on the chicken wings.”

“It’s been interesting with the smoker because the brisket is 12-hour slow cooked and we like to serve everything fresh, not reheat like some other venues might do,” Christou continues, “Matija [Stefancic, head chef] has been in here on some mornings at 1am prepping and getting started .. It’s difficult to run a normal menu service on top of the smoking, but we’re playing around with it and it’s been fun.”

Woods used for smoking the meats include nectarine wood and cherry wood. “The aroma from the wood is sweet and absorbs into the meat,” says Stefancic, as he shows us how the smoker works. It lets off a light, pleasantly smokey aroma into the courtyard as it slow cooks some chicken wings. The food produced here is delicious – the sausages are spicy and the 12-hour smoked brisket was soft and just melted in your mouth. The Mac n Cheese was creamy and the pulled pork was oh-so-good with an apple vinegar like dressing. Beautiful!

The beers available, too were fabulous. The Summer Ale was light, refreshing and a bit fruity; the raspberry beer indeed, very raspberry in flavour and the stouts as malty as you get.

So all in all, if you’re an American meat lover or a crafts beer fan, then The Park is worth making a destination venue.


The Important Stuff:

American Smoke Out BBQ is on offer every Wednesday to Saturday from 6pm and Sunday from 3pm.

Sunday’s they have a Sunday session with DJ in the back garden.

Food in pictures

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  1. Best pub in the outer west hands down. In fact one of the best pubs I’ve been to in Melbourne full stop. Worthy of a visit to Werribee as a destination pub.

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