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The Richmond Yard

Even in the event of a post apocalyptic outbreak, beers and burgers will be served!

We have all watched it. We have all thought about. We now can get to experience it first-hand… the apocalypse has reached Australia. It’s the year 2026 and the world is in total chaos – all known luxuries have been eradicated and replaced with a massive divide between the ‘haves’ and the ‘have nots’. Each day is a constant struggle for the ordinary Australian as he/she faces off feral predators, slimy trickiest and hunting for food and refreshments is the aim of the game. But every hipster slaying bad ass with a Mad Max look still needs time to wind down and enjoy a beverage. Welcome to The Richmond Yard.

The Richmond Yard is the latest ‘themed’ pop up trailer park bar and eatery that allows visitors to explore this post-apocalyptic state. The creative installation with eco-friendly principles will come to life every Saturday during summer. The brain child behind the latest ‘themed’ experience is brought to you by the production team – The Seven. The enthusiastic team have created three unique areas that patrons can explore and experience, and includes:

  • The Commons, an outdoor lounge and dining area;
  • The Garden, an eco-zone of installations exploring the post-apocalyptic theme; and
  • Residential, a mock-residential trailer park zone.

Expect Australia’s vintage Airstream style trailers with the bear essentials, salvaged used furniture, oil drums for bar tables and debris of the old world scatted around the site. There is also the opportunity for your friends to rent out the caravan and slum it out – ideal with beverages – for a more private experience. Even at the bottom there is still a class system!

Selection of refreshments that include craft beverages made locally and across the Tasman that will be distributed from a makeshift trailer. A communal area faces the bar as patrons can sit back and embrace the outdoor decor. The beverage list includes Handpicked Wines, Flying Brick cider and Quiet Deeds beer alongside unique cocktails featuring vodka or gin from New Zealand distilleries Blue Duck and Black Robin.

Burn City Smokers

Tuck into some Burn City Smokers burgers – choosing between pulled pork or beef brisket – as you watch the chaos of the new world shape the night. While opening night had a few hiccups with its set-up, The Richmond Yard is definitely categorised as a very casual experience. There will be a lag time with food and drinks, but hey, in the new world service isn’t going to be #1 on the list of survival needs.

All in all, the experience is novel and if you are after chilled sunny afternoon that doesn’t involve heading to the local pub, The Richmond Yard provides that alternative.

Burn City Smokers

The Important Stuff

When: Every Saturday from 12 December to 20 February 2015
Where: Carpark, 55-67 Cremorne Street, Cremorne (Richmond)
Time: 4pm – midnight
Food by: Easeys, Burn City Smokers, Uncle Jungs, Chill Bro
Music by: Hans DC, Edd Fisher, DJ Kiti
What to expect: Hanging out in a post-apocalyptic trailer park with a dirty burger whilst listening to some sweet-sweet tunes.

Food in pictures

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