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The Truffle Shuffle

The truffles have landed at South Melbourne Markets

According to the most popular T.V show ‘winter has come’. Exciting as this is for the millions of fans awaiting for the last season, Melbourne’s own winter is out and proud. As layering-up and hiding away from the elements becomes the norm, it doesn’t mean that our taste-buds have to endure the same treatment.

Winter is all about beautiful root vegetables, roast dinners and hearty soups. The type of food that’s warming and comforting as you shake off those cold vibes. But winter wouldn’t be winter without the annual truffle season. The apex of all winter foods, the truffle is arguable the most sort after fungus. One of the key sellers in Melbourne to acquire this loved fungus is the well-known veggie grocer Georgie’s Harvest at South Melbourne Markets.

Georgie’s Harvest is an exception to the typical fruit and veggie operator. From humble beginnings in 2011 Georgie and her husband Michael have focused on sourcing the best root vegetables from well-known, locally sourced farmers. Their motto is to find the best price without the producer travelling extended distances or selecting produce that has been freeze; all with a friendly handshake with the people who grew it.

Their potato range speaks volumes. If any Modern Connoisseur is after a specific potato for that special dish, you would be silly not to visit Georgie’s Harvest.

Georgie’s Harvest is proud to stock truffle on an annual basis, and for the month of July they are making it easier to create your own cooking adventure. Purchasing a ‘Truffle Kit’ at Georgie’s Harvest will take you on a truffle journey around the stalls of South Melbourne Markets.

From Wednesday 1 July you can:

1. Purchase your Truffle Shuffle Starter Kit* from Georgie’s Harvest;
2. Choose the dishes you want to cook from the four recipe cards – a full dinner party or just one truffle dish;
3. Do the Truffle Shuffle through the Market to pick up all the ingredients;
4. Head home and follow the simple recipes; and
5. Enjoy a delicious truffle inspired dinner.

* The Truffle Shuffle Starter Kit includes: Truffles; Garlic; Oil (optional); Potatoes (optional); Market map; Recipe cards (From one dish to a full 4 course menu); Ingredient lists

Georgie’s Havest source their Australian truffles from the following regions:

Forrest Truffles – Otways, Victoria
From Victoria’s oldest trufferie just out of Apollo Bay these truffles have a a deep earth scent with hints of olive.

Tamar Valley Truffles – Tasmania
Travel about 15 minutes out of Launceston and you are deep into the green expanses of the Tamar Valley with around 3000 oak and holly oak trees this trufferie in Trevellyn is one of the largest on the east coast  -the truffles have deep chocolate and coffee aromas.

Manjimup Western Australia
Now producing approximately 8000kg of black truffles per year this region has catapulted Australia into truffle growing prominence now sitting at 4th highest producer in the world behind France Italy and nipping at the heals of Spain. These truffles have a rich caramel and earth scent

So feel empowered this winter knowing that you can use truffle in your cooking with confidence. Georgie’s Harvest has provided an exciting and easy step-by-step process to make your next dinner party a roaring success. Happy truffle shuffle!

Shop Number: 50
322-326 Coventry Street South Melbourne VIC 3205

Opening Hours
Wednesday: 8am – 4pm
Friday: 8am – 4pm
Saturday: 8am – 5pm
Sunday: 8am – 4pm

Words by Scott Viney
Photograph by Kristyna Hess

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