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The Weekend Hunt

Being the weekend eve before Grand Final Long Weekend (I can’t believe I just typed that) it might be wise to take a moment and relax before the onslaught of final fever. On second thought, there are some amazing things to see and do this weekend – booze and football not being prerequisites.

What to watch? Lavazza Italian Film Festival

Foreign films are always hidden from mainstream viewing. Be it the annoying subtitles or the culture clash; such flicks always find their way to a very late time slots on SBS. But don’t discount foreign films as just being soft porn, as they hold a special status when compared to mainstream films. The delivery and film techniques of such films romanticise a city, person or object that lures you into their world and being a part of the drama. The Lavazza Italian Film Festival is in its second week and there is plenty of time to pick up a ticket and see some great offerings.

Cinema location, prices and availability of flicks can be found at the Lavazza Italian Film Festival website.

The Important Stuff

When: 16 September – 11 October
Where: variety of cinemas including Kino, Palace Cinemas and The Astor Threater
Price:  $19.50 for adults & $16.50 for concessions
What to expect: be transported to the many sides of Italy

What to eat? Night Tripping @ St. Hotel

While we are not suggesting to ‘trip out’ with the eclectic people of St Kilda, but rather letting your tastebuds do the tripping. Finding success in its Day Tripping event earlier this year, the team at St. Hotel have decided to treat Melbourne’s lovers of Asian street food with a night event – Night Tripping.

Night Tripping will showcase four of the best Asian street food restaurants found from the ‘South of the Yarra’ to taste a variety of banger dishes. The line-up includes Hanoi Hannah, Saigon Sally, Tokyo Tina, St. Hotel and Banoi. As for dessert, St. Hotel has got it cover by bring in gelati superstars Pidapipo who will be offering Asian inspired flavours.

Food will not just be the centre of attention as pumping tunes will be playing all night, a line-up of circus performances and surprising freaky entertainment. St. Hotel wants to combine the love affair of Asian street food with a solid dose of Fear and Loathing in Los Vegas. It’s where food and entertainment come together.

Tickets to Night Tripping @ St.Hotel can be purchased here.

The Important Stuff

When: 27 September 5pm – 9pm
Where: St. Hotel – 54 Fitzroy St, St Kilda VIC 3182
Price: $45 per person (includes entry and six dishes)
What to expect: Asian Street Food gets a dose of wackiness

What to see? They Say She’s Different – The Unknown Story of the Original Funk-Rock Diva Betty Davis

Betty Davis was a diver, rebel, sassy, sexy and a free spirit.  She possessed this beaming confidence (on and off the stage) that hadn’t be seen before – a combination of sex appeal and raw spirit that set her apart from the pack. Yet, the story of Betty Davis is also one that’s hidden, forgotten and even as far to say as being lost in the history of 70s funk. Until now…

They Say She’s Different showing at Gasworks Art Park is part music, part theatre and part film; the performance seamlessly integrates the three different medians to produce a compelling story of success and heart break, strength and woman spirit. The show immediately starts as you walk into the theatre, strobe lights flicker above as a band jams to soothing funky beats. Stage crew walk around purposely and yelling at the ‘riff-raff’, a couple romantically dances near the front of the stage and a drunk girl makes her presence known. Then the show starts, the lights dim, the audience bubbles with excitement and out comes Betty Davis – in the flesh!

The 60 minute performance is exhilarating and engaging as the visuals and sounds make you feel as though you’re a part of the 70s. It allows a genuine feeling of being in the moment of when Betty Davis makes her first initial steps in song writing and performing in New York City. The performance explores the funk career of Betty Davis through her influences of Miles Davis (whom she married), friends with Jimi Hendrix and Eric Clapton. There is also a darker side to the play, showcasing the pain that Betty experiences through loss and the long term effects of performing to the world has left on Betty soul and confidence.

There are few performances out there that can truly achieve this level of authenticity and raw emotion than that of They Say She’s Different. Visually stunning and highly entertaining, this performance is of the killer shows of this years’ Melbourne Fringe Festival.

The final two showings occur tonight and Saturday.

For more information and to purchase tickets to see They Say She’s Different can be found here.

The Important Stuff

When: 22 – 26 September. Doors open at 7.30 and show commences at 7.45
Where: Gasworks Arts Park, 21 Graham St, Albert Park VIC 3206
Price: $35 Adult $28 concession
Duration: 60 minutes
What to expect: Funk reborn on stage – just like it was in the 70s

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