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These Things Take Wine

Words by Farah Beaini
Photography by Ajit Chauhan

Ever wonder about what exactly happened during your hazy night with a red? Never fear, for These Things Take Wine can help you fill in the blancs!

In 55 minutes of inebriated mayhem, cabaret artist Natasha York bares all, showcasing her most delirious journeys with a wine bottle… or four.

What starts off with a cheeky bottle of red quickly descends into a one-woman cabaret show at a police station, karaoke with unsuspecting buskers and forlorn pining for real musical theatre boys. Corks, balloon animals and chicken nuggets are no match for an unquenchable thirst bordeauxing on the ridiculous.

Showcasing impressive vocals, and more than ably supported by the delightful Daniele Buatti, York is the uncontested champagne of wine puns, belting out some of the old time grapes with a wine twist, turning even a classic Michael Jackson song into an ode to her beloved wine – red or white.

Running until 16 November 2014 at the Butterfly Club, These Things Take Wine is a perfect way to wine down and enjoy a de-vine night out with a cheeky friend or two.

For more information and to purchase tickets, please click here.

Tickets are priced at $28 ($25 for concession)

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