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Those people called food bloggers

If we stopped what we are doing – even for just a moment – and stepped back to reflect on what we have achieved, would you be satisfied? Would a younger you be impressed with your achievements and standings? Or was their personal or work related events that took an unexpected life turn?

For better or worse, exception setting and life planning can be a dangerous game. Not only can it create unnecessary pressure, but in reality, no one knows where they are going to be in one, two or three years from now. One famous economist advised that we shouldn’t plan for the future, but rather find something we all like – not necessarily love as Steve Jobs famously said – doing and seize the opportunities that come before us. As for The Modern Con, we would have never expected to be where we are five years ago, let alone being a food blogger.

We are very fortunate to make the list of Rebate Zone ‘Top Food Bloggers in Australia’. But more exciting, Rebate Zone provides some fun facts about the food blogger sphere in a cool looking infographic.

Top 50 food blogs in Australia

Food in pictures

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