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Good Beer Week – Rhythm & Brews @ Trunk Diner

Warning: this post will create an increased craving for beer

Trunk Diner
275 Exhibition Street

For those who are unaware, Good Beer Week is upon us. What is ‘Good Beer Week‘, we hear you ask? Good Beer Week (GBW) is a festival that started in 2011 celebrating different kinds of beer. The festival has grown too big to be contained in a week, spanning across 9 days and 115 venues. It is no longer restricted to beer tasting but also includes events like beer and food matching classes, beer chocolate making classes and even beer cocktails!

On Saturday Miss SL attended Trunk Diners’ Rhythm & Brews event held on Good Beer Weeks kick-off day for 2013. The event was celebrating the launch of Trunk Diner collaboration with Bridge Road Brewery and Melbourne City Rooftop Honey very own brew.

For more information on Good Beer Week, click here.

The beers were really beautiful. They were brewed with just the right amount of honey and didn’t have too much wheat, making it easy to have multiple rounds.

Trunk was selling $5 spit pig tacos on the night for those who bought tickets to this event. The pig was really beautiful and full of juice. It was tasty with the meat being really dense but easy to chew.

Spit Pig Tacos

Overall, it was a nice night. The beers were delicious and the food was well matched.

Final thought: “Beautifully craft honey beer that’s easy to drink”

Food in pictures

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  1. I’m just a noob didn’t know that it was Good Beer Week 🙂 Have been seeing the events on Instagram looks great but too bad I’m not really much of a beer girl hehe I much prefer cider 😛

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